Tuesday, February 9, 2016

    Dear mom and prim,
  I miss you guys so much I wish you could of came because the food is very good I have not eaten like this in years. There is a lot of thing going on right now we are heading to the capital I saw so many things. I saw many people in nice clothes in expensive cars that we can never can afford. There thick carrot soup, green salad, lamb chops, mashed potatoes, cheese and fruit. All mom I for got can I ask you one question are you taking care of prim. Because prim is just a little girl she need to be fed in taking care of. In did I tell you that Hamitch is just another problem she is constantly drinking being rude in throwing up everywhere. I really hope that you both are doing we'll in moon can you please take of prim. Because right now she needs a mother that can take of her because her older sister is fighting for her family life. Because when are dad died I was hurt to because we're never going to see him again in I just kinda put it to the side so I can take care of my family so you guys want die or get sick. But I just wish you guys were here with me so you can enjoy the food with me in have fun.

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